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PostSubject: Claiming/Fighting   Sun Mar 22, 2015 3:28 pm

To claim a territory that hasn't been Claimed yet~
Post a new Topic, What territory and where the territory is in.
Like- Pack/Place/ Territory Number

Golden River Pack/Golden River/Territory 1

And Fill this out

Pack Name:
Member Count:
Territory Number:
Area It's in:
Roleplaying example:

One of the Admins will post a reply saying what each territory looks like, and you get One more change for Territory. After you changed it, You cannot change it again.
Also, Your claim for a Territory CAN BE denied.

Fighting Another User~
You can not kill of another User in a pack fight for territory.
No Godmodding, Or powerplaying for it either.

Please send a PM to one of the Owners or Administration team and the User who claimed the Territory with this Forum.
Pack Name:
Versus: [The Other User's Pack]
Reason(s): [This would be the Area, and Territory #]

Users that own a Territory can Accept or Decline, but please send it both to the other user and Admin.

Sent to: Goldey[Other User], SpeedWolfeh[Admin]
Pack Name: The Fallen
Versus: Golden river Pack
Reasons: Fighting for Golden river, Territory 1.

Sent to: The Fallen, SpeedWolfeh
I Deny/Accept your Battle Request.

The Admin has a right to Deny this request to even if the other User Accepted it.

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